Arrecife is the busiest city in Lanzarote, and the capital. Home to over half of Lanzarote’s population, it’s a very charming holiday destination spot. The city offers a wide variety of activities that is sure to please even the most diverse groups of travelers. Whether you’re seeking a relaxed, quiet holiday or a lively, active one, there’s something for everyone in this bustling city.

For visitors wanting some fun in the sun, there are three beaches in Arrecife. The most popular one, and the main one, is Reducto Beach. This 470m beach boasts white sand and calm waters, plus nearby restaurants and a boardwalk. If you want accommodation right alongside the beach, the Arrecife Gran Hotel is a great choice.

The Arrecife Gran Hotel is one of only six 5-star hotels in all of Lanzarote. Not only is it next to Reducto Beach, but it’s merely a 5 minute walk to the main shopping centres. The hotel has beautiful landscape gardens all around it, plus a nice view of the bay in each room, so the surroundings are calm and quiet. The second floor of the hotel contains a spa with a sauna, massages, and a pool. It’s the perfect place to have some relaxing moments on your trip. For more fun yet relaxing activities, check out the local activities. Every Saturday morning, there is a large Artesania fair that not only features arts and crafts, but fresh produce as well.

If shopping is what you’re seeking, Arrecife offers you plenty of choices. At first, the thought of taking on the bustling shopping centres in Arrecife may seen daunting or overwhelming, but upon arrival you’ll see it’s not that cramped or chaotic, and there’s plenty of space and car parks. The main shopping point is Leon y Castillo, or Calle Real, and is easily accessible by walking past the Gran Hotel until you see the Puente de las Bolas drawbridge. The road leading out there is the Leon y Castillo. This road hosts banks, shoe shops, a variety of high brand clothes shops, perfume stores, and even a department store.
There are plenty of day time activities for couples and families. Go Karting in San Bartolome is always a popular activity for everyone. The Lanzarote aquarium is another popular day time attraction, and is great for families and couples. The aquarium is the perfect size to keep kids entertained all day as you learn about various fascinating sea animals.

If you’re seeking a more exciting vacation, nightlife and entertainment are abound in Arrecife. There are plenty of pubs, discos, and clubs. La Biosfera, or The Biosphere Terrace, is a local favorite. It opens around 3am and has a dance-floor capacity of over 2,000, and a dining capacity of 800. The giant club has 6 bars and a very large and accessible car park.
Most people want something different from their holiday to Lanzarote. Some seek relaxation, some seek parties, and some just seek some time on the beach. No matter what one is looking for, Arricefe is crawling with things to satisfy everyone’s holiday goals – and has enough activities to keep you interested and entertained as long as you please.