Costa Teguise

The coastal town of Costa Teguise, located on the island of Lanzarote, is one of the most desired tourist areas on the island. Thanks to its tranquil atmosphere and soothing beaches, Teguise holds great appeal for those seeking a relaxing yet active holiday, and is best for families.

The biggest attraction of Costa Teguise are its four beaches. Cucharas beach is popular with surfers. Bastian beach is great for families with small children, as it is protected from the wind and easy to access.  Bastian and Jablillo beaches are smaller, but are sometimes preferred for people who want a quieter day at the beach.

Costa Teguise has an exciting array of activities that are held throughout the year for holidaymakers to get involved in. The Brazilian Music Festival takes place in June, and the Costa Music Festival takes place in September. Sporting events are also popular, specifically windsurfing. The PWA Windsurfing World Championship is help on Cucharas beach in June. There are plenty of other activities away from the beach and water as well. For example, La Vida is a very popular club with great music and a buffet style restaurant.

The Lanzarote Aquarium is located in Costa Teguise, and is perfect for couples and families to come spend the day. The aquarium is the largest in the Canary Islands, and has more than one million litres of water in 33 aquariums. There are many fascinating marine species to see, from the clown fish, fire dragons, fish balloons, and anemones.  The inexpensive admission price is also notable.
Costa Teguise is also known for the great choice of accommodation which is available for holidaymakers. The Santa Rosa Apartments are arguably the most popular place to stay during a visit. It offers something for everyone – everything from a pool bar to a bowling alley. The villa style rooms are very popular, and the hotel is just a few minutes from the beach. The Hotel Coronas Playa also offers big rooms, great food, and friendly staff. It’s one of the top choices of tourists to stay at while in Lanzarote.

Costa Teguise holds great appeal for families thanks to its low-key nightlife and relaxed atmosphere. While there are casual pubs and sports bars throughout the resort, many of the evening activities are suitable for everyone. The Saxos Family Fun Bar is a family friendly bar that is located next to the Saxos Bowling Alley, so people of all age are welcome. There’s karaoke at night, and then a disco for everyone. Tekkers Family Bar is also child-friendly and offers appetizing food and delicious milkshakes.

Thanks to its aura tranquility and active assortment of entertainment for everyone, Costa Teguise is perfect for a family holiday. There’s plenty of educational activities like the aquarium, great accommodation, beautiful beaches, and restaurants and bars that offer fun for every age.