Matagorda is just a mile away from the large, busy city of Puerto del Carmen.  It is home to three 4-star hotels and an array of apartments if you prefer self catering accommodation with a bit more space. Matagorda has everything you would expect from a small resort with two shopping centres, plenty of bars and restaurants, and popular beaches. It’s a well sought-after destination spot for families seeking a relaxing, peaceful holiday free from the party atmosphere.

The Hipotels La Geria is one of the hotels offering 4-star accommodation. It’s close to the airport and features and outdoor pool, a health club, a restaurant, and a children’s club, so it’s ideal for families. It’s also close to two beaches. Pocillos beach is nearby, and the promenade is visited by many families seeking fun outdoor activities.

Pocillos beach is visited by families throughout the year who come to ride bicycles and skate. It’s also ideal for sports like rugby or soccer. There’s two shopping centres along the beach – The Jameos Shopping Centre is right in the centre of the beach, and the Mall Pocillos is nearby. Pocillos beach features calm water and white sand, and is the beach to be at for the family holidays.

There’s also a big range of cuisine options for everyone who wants something different. The majority of Matagorda’s restaurants are in the central commercial area, where guests can observe the displayed menus while weighing their dinner options. There’s many options to choose from, ranging from British and Chinese to Japanese and Italian.

Nightlife in Matagorda is just as peaceful as the day time. While there are some waterfront pubs and discos, night time activities in Matagorda are rather low-key. Puerto del Carmen is just a mile away, and features a livelier nightlife than Matagorda, for those who would prefer to have some drinks and dancing rather than a quiet night out.

Athletics and watersports are known as a popular family activity, specifically windsurfing. Matagorda’s beaches are famous for windsurfing, although there’s other options to choose from as well. Jet skiing, scuba diving, and deep sea fishing are some other water activities enjoyed along the beach. Land sports are thriving as well, with facilities to play tennis, squash, and even ride horses nearby.

People seeking some active shopping trips will be pleased to know that Lanzarote holds a special duty-free tax status. Matagorda has a two story shopping centre, but many people prefer to take the short trip to Puerto del Carmen. Puerto del Carmen boasts a wide variety of shops. There’s everything from designer boutiques and duty-free electrical stores, to various stalls that sell necessities for tourists, and plenty of souvenirs. Many travelers also like to visit the bustling Sunday market in nearby Costa Teguise.

A holiday to Matagorda can satisfy many. Families and couples who want a quiet, relaxed time can take advantage of the beaches and shopping. Those who want a perfect mix of relaxed and lively, tend to visit Puerto del Carmen when the evening rolls around. No matter the occasion or holiday goals, Matagorda and Lanzarote has something for everyone.